The Oredigger E的经验

The Oredigger E的经验

The e的经验 at Mines differs for each student, as each brings unique interests, intentions, abilities and other attributes to our community. But there is a common, thoughtfully 工程 and time-tested framework that also supports and shapes every student journeyand makes a Mines e的经验 unlike any other.  

This is what we call the Oredigger E的经验. 

Like Orediggers from generations past, today’s students have a shared e的经验 that pushes and pulls them through their college years at Mines. From extracurricular activities to numerous professional development and entrepreneurial opportunities, from traditions going back generations to top-notch academics, every Oredigger can find their place at Mines and thrive through their years on campus and beyond. The pages that follow name some, 但并非全部, of those common e的经验s and opportunities—and share student thoughts on each.

What’s Mines all about? You’re about to find out.

Signature Oredigger Life E的经验s

Students posing for a picture with their rocks while climbing up to the M.


Reaching new heights

Students at Oredigger Camp posing at the fire camp with smores.

Oredigger Camp

Meet your teammates

Students at “停火日 playing four square


Celebrate Mines

Marvin the Miner at football game


Show your spirit

爆破工 posing for a picture with a student graduating from Mines


Silver-plated success

alumni on 米爬

校友 Network

Keeping connected

Signature Oredigger Academic E的经验s

students workin on design project


Intro to design

students with cornerstone design product


Real-world design

student outside CoorsTek

荣誉 & 学者

Well-rounded education

student using test tube

Working in the Lab

Getting technical

prof and student outside at field session

Field Session

Learning out in the field

student welding

Building a Product

Cultivating ideas

recruiter and student and 职业生涯的一天


Building your future

students reading in library

Arthur Lakes 图书馆

Perfect study spot

students in study group

Study Groups

Supportive learning

students in classroom


Learning new things

prof teaching at front of room


Award-winning leaders

Signature Oredigger Campus E的经验s

student playing volleyball outside

Living on Campus

Creating a new community

students in classroom

Outside the 教室

Exploring your passions

Mines swimming


Exceptional winning teams

爆破工 the burro

Meeting 爆破工

The cutest burro around

prof and student working in lab


Climbing together

Signature E的经验s Beyond Campus

students posing with mountain in background

International E的经验

Expanding your world

cyclist with 金 in background

Explore your new home

student kayaking

Outdoor Rec Center

Embrace your surroundings

coors brewery

Coors Brewery Tour

Touring 金 history

President Johnson and students at Oredigger Camp

保罗·C. Johnson, President and Professor

“The Mines signature student e的经验 is a well-orchestrated combination of challenging course work, workshops and seminars, self-guided learning, practical e的经验s and mentoring through which our students develop technical prowess, business acumen, professional skills and a broad understanding of the world within which they operate.” 

What you gain from the Oredigger E的经验

Being an Oredigger is unlike anything else. With unique opportunities both in and out of the classroom, you’ll receive a well-rounded education that will not only ensure fulfillment and fun during your time at Mines but long after. How will you make the most out of your e的经验?

  • Top-notch technical training
  • Hands-on learning in and out of the classroom
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Global e的经验s and exposure
  • Real-world research participation
  • Unique living and learning e的经验s
  • Opportunities to explore entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Fun events and engagements throughout the school year
  • A community who cares about your mental and physical wellness